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5x the best activities on Curacao with children


There is a lot to do on the Caribbean island of Curacao for people of all ages! It is a suitable island for young people to go to to party, for example, for couples who want a romantic holiday and for families with children! There are more than enough fun things to do on Curacao with your children, but below I have listed 5x the best activities on Curacao with children.

1. Go to the Beach

There are many different, beautiful beaches on Curacao, where you can experience a very nice day as a family! For example, there is Playa Portomari. This beach is located in a private area of the Plantations Portomari in the west of the island. The water is clear and calm which is perfect for the kids as you don’t have to worry about wild waves here! There is also a double reef, where you can snorkel. On the beach there is also a restaurant with delicious dishes and a bar with the best tropical cocktails for the parents!

Another beautiful beach on Curacao is Mambo Beach . This is perhaps even the most famous beach in all of Curacao! Although it is mainly known as a place where young people like to go out in the evenings, during the day it is extremely suitable for families with children. You can actually find everything on this lovely beach. Not only can you find toilets and showers here, but also more than enough sunbeds and umbrellas! If you’re hungry, you can even choose from a number of beach bars, several restaurants and a snack bar. There are also several bars. Mambo Beach also has free WiFi in several places, so you don’t have to use up all your mobile data. Furthermore, this beach is unique, because it is the only beach on Curacao that has a boulevard: the Mambo Beach Boulevard. Here you will find many nice shops, places to eat or drink and also clubs to go out. There are also 2 playgrounds for children here. Entrance to the boulevard is free and it has free parking!

2. Klein Curacao

If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle, Klein Curacao is a perfect option! This small, uninhabited island is beautiful! It is located about 25 kilometers from Curacao and has a beautiful white beach, beautiful reef and a beautiful, blue sea. Klein Curacao also has a circumference of 2 square kilometers, so there is also plenty of beach.

If you take a trip to Klein Curacao, there are plenty of things to do with your kids. First of all, you can of course relax on the pearly white beach, which is also known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! If you would like to do something more, you can take a walk with your family to the pink lighthouse on Klein Curacao. This can be found in the middle of the island. Pay attention here, because the renovation is not yet completely finished. On Klein Curacao you can often find sea turtles that are also easy to see thanks to the crystal clear water! Something else on Klein Curacao that the kids might find exciting to see are a number of shipwrecks that can be found around the island. This is partly because it is a flat island, which is difficult to see from a ship. In addition, a strong northeasterly wind often blows here and there can be strong currents, so that a number of shipwrecks can be seen on Klein Curacao.


3. Dolphin Academy Curacao

For a special day that your kids will always remember, going to the Dolphin Academy Curacao is a good plan! Various activities around dolphins are offered here that you can choose from. Perhaps one of the most popular activities is the ‘Dolphin Swim’ where you can actually swim with dolphins! A minimum age of 8 years and a minimum height of 1.30 meters applies here. This is a very special experience for children where they can swim with them for 30 minutes in the natural lagoon of the dolphins!

The Dolphin Academy Curacao also offers a ‘Dolphin Encounter’ and this is a good alternative to the option just mentioned for people who prefer not to swim with the dolphins. At the Dolphin Encounter you stand on a platform in the water and you can also meet dolphins! You will also learn a lot about dolphins during this activity. There is no minimum age for this activity.


4. Curacao Sea Aquarium

Another fun way to let your kids explore the underwater world is to visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium! This is a fantastic and unique aquarium with an open water system. This means that new seawater is always pumped into the aquariums and transferred back to the sea. In this way, all marine animals in this aquarium can enjoy a natural environment without the use of all kinds of chemicals or filters. In this aquarium it is possible to see sharks, lobsters or even flamingos. You can not only meet the animals here, but also greet or even feed them! There are also demonstrations every day.


5. Hato . Caves

Another fun, interactive day is a visit to the caves of Hato. In these caves there are stalagmites and stalactites as well as petroglyphs, subterranean lakes and bats. When you visit these caves you can request a tour from a guide who will tell you more about the history and all the myths of the Caves of Hato . What also makes these caves special is that, unlike most caves, they are nice and warm. Normally caves are below sea level, so it is also cold in the caves, but these are 60 meters above sea level and you will notice that it is just as warm here as outside. There are even fans in the Hato Caves!

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