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Entertaining trip with excellent organization

Super fun trip, friendly staff, helpful and everything taken care of perfectly. Price and quality is perfect.

Must have done !!!

Last Monday we visited the uninhabited island of Klein Curacao by catamaran. 60 Guests were very hospitably received by the 6-man crew on Jan Thiel at Zanzibar. This is an All-in booking, which means all drinks and food are included in the price. From about 12.30 also alcoholic beverages. At Klein Curacao we got plenty of time to visit the lighthouse, the shipwreck and the rest of the island. Also snorkeling and even diving was possible. Several turtles spotted. Then on board we had a very extensive BBQ lunch with various meats, salads, baguettes and PINDASAUS (a Dutch classic). Then again time for swimming, after which the return trip to Jan Thiel began. Unfortunately, not enough wind to go back sailing. On the way there we were also accompanied by some dolphins that swam along for a while. The staff, or crew, was GREAT. Nothing was too much for them and we were really pampered. This was a trip we will never forget and highly recommend. Everything on board was clean and well organized. The costs of € 100 per person was well worth it, because the beautiful warm weather makes it a thirsty climate. If you drink all day and in the afternoon alcoholic beverages, the bill would already be hard to come by. And again the food..... FANTASTIC BBQ, which you would have to pay €40 to €50 for at a restaurant on the mainland. If you don’t go on this trip you REALLY will be missing out.

Pure joy

Nice boat trip to Klein Curacao, beautiful beach, turtles, boat trip back, cozy with music, drinks with us on the boat, different nationalities made it extra fun, crew is great and a nice lunch.

So beautiful!

The trip to Klein Curaçao was well organized and very nice to go on a Catamaran with unlimited drinks and a delicious bbq.

Top day on the Black and White

Great atmosphere! Crew was amazing! Entertainment, care (drinks and bbq) was wonderful! It was a pity there was no “sailing”. They were in maintenance.

Visit to Klein Curacao

Well organized boat trip, extremely friendly staff, an amazing day for the soul, unfortunately too little wind for sailing, but that could not spoil the fun.

Do it!

Klein Curacao Trips thank you very much for the beautiful trip to Klein Curacao with the Catamaran. We were welcomed on board by an enthusiastic team. You immediately felt at ease with the other guests. We were barely on the way and were already asked if we wanted something to drink, non-alcoholic because it was still early. Freshly cut pineapple went around on a large plate. Delicious. The sea was quite rough but the catamaran copes with that because of its size and weight. The youngsters who were in front of the nets of course got the full brunt of the waves every now and then.......even later, so did we! Wonderfully refreshing! Once we arrived at Klein Curacao you could choose whether you wanted to swim to the beach or be taken by rubber motorboat. Our bag was dropped off on the beach by boat. The horn of the catamaran indicated at a quarter to one that lunch was ready on board. Everyone got back on the ship to enjoy the excellent lunch buffet. There was food in abundance and meanwhile the bar was open! Delicious Aix rosé, several types of beer, and some stronger stuff was much as you wished! After lunch we snorkeled back to the beach, around the catamaran many fish and even turtles had gathered to get the food scraps from the dishes. A beautiful spectacle. On the island we walked, like almost everyone else, to the lighthouse and the shipwrecks. Furthermore, it is hot and the beach is very beautiful. Do not expect anything else! On the return trip with the wind behind us, the headsail was hoisted and the speed was good. The sun, the view and especially the drinks created a great atmosphere on board. The nice music made the party complete. Like a God in France, but in Curacao! We can look back on a very successful day with the Black and White. Upon arrival in the harbor, we had a drink because of the good atmosphere at the Zanzibar..... and a delicious meal. We had a great day! Well worth the money.....! Kind regards, Ruud and Onja

We had an amazing trip

Great trip on the Black and White to Klein Curacao, unfortunately no sailing but with the engine but that doesn’t make it less of an experience. We really enjoyed being on the water, enjoying the sun on the stretches of the catamaran, had enough to drink and eat and the crew was very friendly and relaxed. Highly recommended for a day out.

Excellent trip to sea turtles

Nice crew, nice sailing trip with a calm sea. The fish and sea turtles are lured to the boat and are great to watch. The food and drinks are also excellent and the crew provides extra entertainment!

Fantastic Crew!

It was worth it from the beginning. The crew is fantastic and the service they provide is great. The drinks and food served is just amazing. If you ever want to make this trip to Klein Curacao I would definitely recommend doing so on the Black and White. Thanks again and we will be back soon.

Great experience

Enthusiastic crew, beautiful destination! We saw sea turtles for the first time while snorkeling. Great day! Fully catered for. Drinks free and they have the good brands of soda and wine! Very good!

Catamaran Black and White small Curacao

Daytrip to Klein Curacao with the catamaran Black and White is a must... Bounty island, snorkeling between the turtles, you can also dive. Well taken care of, good food and plenty to drink. Nice men who work there and really enjoy their work, great atmosphere. They make it an unforgettable day.... Top team

Black and White Klein Curacao

We had a great day, well organized, relaxed atmosphere. Good food, plenty to drink and nice crew. Highly recommended.

Great experience, highly recommended!

This boat trip to Klein Curacao was perfectly arranged. A nice crew, who even led us to the dolphins, a great barbeque and of course the open bar in the afternoon. Highly recommended!

What a day!

A fantastic experience to sail with this catamaran to Klein Curacao. We felt rightfully on a tropical island. White sand, crystal clear water and even turtle spotting. Bring snorkels but if you don’t have them, the crew also has snorkels you can borrow. The crew are nice "sailors"! Relaxed atmosphere on the boat. Nice lunch. On the return trip we had some snacks. If you are on Curacao you should book this trip. Absolute must.

Black and White catamaran

Great trip made to Klein Curacao with the Black and White. The guys are super nice. Delicious food on board and plenty of drinks. A really fun day out. Klein Curacao is beautiful. Plenty of time to snorkel there and see the island.

Klein Curacao

Well taken care of, professional crew, just a pity we only sailed a small part on the way back. BBQ is excellent. Enough drinks and snacks. Not much to do on Klein Curacao itself. A beautiful beach but the underwater world is not that amazing. But it was a fun activity and a nice day out!

Klein Curacao boat trip

Very nice. We made the trip twice now (2018 and 2020). The crew is friendly and the care on the ship is fantastic. Tip: bring your snorkel mask because turtles are guaranteed to swim around the ship on Klein Curacao.

Fantastic day, with dolphins next to the boat

Very relaxed atmosphere on the boat all day, nice crew, everything taken care of. I have seen turtles and dolphins, wow. A day with the Black and White is a must!

Top day!

Wonderful day, where we really lacked nothing! Great crew, delicious lunch and swimming with turtles at Klein Curacao, really an amazing day! Thanks

Nice day and well taken care of

Very nice trip to beautiful Klein Curacao. Lunch and drinks were well taken care of by the crew.


What a cool experience, also for the kids. The whole day was super taken care of, also the food and drinks were good. The crew was also super friendly.

Klein Curacao is lovely

It was a wonderful day that was well taken care of by Klein Curacao trips. The food was delicious and plentiful. The guidance (Stijn, Jordy, Gijs) was excellent: professional and with humor. And the catamaran was great! Really a very nice day.

Beautiful experience

We had an amazing day on Klein Curacao. Good food on the boat and enough drinks for everyone. I would definitely recommend it to everybody to go with the catamaran to Klein Curacao. Super friendly staff!

Klein Curacao

Great day, thanks to the friendly and great crew of the Black and White. Highly recommended to do, beautiful beach and clear blue sea, lots of fish and turtles to see. Great

Great boat trip with friendly crew!

Great experience, everything was very well taken care of! Nice crew, everything was arranged, even the tiny detail, good bbq and the best happy hour! Too bad we could not sail back due to maintenance. Better luck next time!


Amazing day with everything included! Good food, lots of cocktails. Nice crew. The day flies by!


Really had a great day. The boat staff was super friendly. Great food and enjoyed the beautiful island and views along the way. Definitely a must!

With the catamaran to klein curacao

Super nice day. Unfortunately, we saw only a few turtles but we had also seen them at playa grandi. We did see a large group of dolphins on the way there. The BBQ was as it should be and the brights were nice and cold, in large quantities. Totally great

Highly recommended!

It is an annual trip during our vacation! Great crew, even better lunch and plenty of drinks! Relaxed!

Great tour to Klein Curacao

Lovely blue water, good sailing, good food, top crew and a beautiful environment for snorkeling with dolphins and turtles!

With the catamaran to Klein Curacao

Got out of bed early but it was worth it! Beautiful catamaran with very knowledgeable staff, explanations were clear, smooth sailing and great food. You can chill out in the shade behind the deck or in front on the net with foam mattresses where I lay, snoring. It was great!

Super trip to Klein Curacao

Very nice sailing trip with a very friendly crew. We were well taken care of, enough food from the bbq and plenty of drinks. The island is beautiful and we saw a few turtles. It is a really nice bounty beach but don't expect coral with plenty of fish. On the way back dolphins swam with the boat. Very nice. Definitely a must.

Klein Curacao

To a super location near Curaçao with a great crew on a catamaran, the crew did everything to let us have a wonderful day and they succeeded!!! Highly recommended!!!

Super cool day

On the way out it was spectacular with high waves. Klein Curacao is beautiful, food was delicious, crew very attentive and fun. Way back is relaxed sailing and there was even dancing. Top day!

Super experience!

Friendly and attentive crew. The drinks and bbq are well taken care of, and a nice stable boat. In short, a must!

Klein Curacao

Great trip on the catamaran. Great food and drinks, well taken care of, especially by the 'crew'!

Do it!

It was a super nice and fun day partly due to the staff. Well taken care of. Many fish and even turtles. Highly recommended.


You miss anything during this trip! Fresh fruit; delicious lunch from the bbq and no lack of drinks and water. You don't really need to bring anything except a towel and enough sunscreen and oh yes: a snorkel! Those turtles under water are very fat! Don't have your own snorkel? Then you can borrow one from the boat. In short, super arranged and a beautiful day! :)

Do not cry: just do it!

Just an amazing trip. More words aren’t necessary. How come I have to use at least 100 words? That's the thing with TripAdvisor again!

Catamaran Black and White from Curacao to Klein Curacao

A very nice experience, delicious food on board and a very nice crew! Definitely worth a try, the beaches are white as snow and the water heavenly blue, and snorkeling with wild turtles is really cool.

Should be mandatory...

A visit to Klein Curacao with the Black & White should be mandatory for all tourists. Been there now for the 3rd time and it is still great. The crew does absolutely everything to make it a great day for all passengers. To give an example; After spotting a group of dolphins at only 50 meters distance, they immediately acted on it by sailing towards it and we indeed saw 7,5 dolphins! (The 8th we saw only half ...). Food, drinks and everything was excellent. We will go again next time!

Visit to Klein Curacao by catamaran

It was a nice trip and we had a great time snorkeling. During the feeding time we saw some turtles. The return trip we could unfortunately not use the sail, but the fun and drinks on board made up for it. Highly recommended.

Simply enjoyed!

Just the crossing from Jan Thiel to Klein Curacao and vice versa is worth it with this catamaran. The barbecue lunch on the boat was also excellently arranged, as was all the catering. Klein Curacao itself was great too. A great place to snorkel if you want to see sea turtles. Crew was good, with humor. We love it.

Very nice experience!

Fun and enthusiastic crew who also supported us with seasickness. Delicious BBQ and we even saw dolphins on the way back! Definitely a recommendation to do!

Great trip to Klein Curacao

RECOMMEND!!! Great trip to Klein Curacao, everything is well taken care of! Good food, enough drinks. But most of all a friendly crew who keep a close eye on everything so you have a great day! Compliments!!!

Very nice trip

Really enjoyed the trip to Klein Curacao with the Catamaran. Friendly staff and everything very well taken care of!

Party on board!

Top experience! Delicious food on board, cold drinks are ready. The crew really makes it a party.

Flying over the waves

Although it should not be called sailing because the material and the wind did not allow it, it was a pleasure to sail on the black and white. Lying on your belly on the net you fly over the waves and occasionally warm water leaves you totally wet. The staff is the best, they provide a fantastic lunch from the grill and drinks and nice music does the rest. The island itself is not very special but still fun to walk around. Highly recommended.

Lovely day

Nice day with nice staff on board. Good food and drinks. Unfortunately, on the way back we didn’t sail. But a top day!

Absolutely recommend!

Had a wonderful trip to Klein Curacao. The crew is very nice, really make a party of your day. Also, the boat and the bbq are great. On the way back you can relax in the 'hammocks' in front of the boat. If you go to Klein Curacao, definitely book with the Black and White!

Marc & Joyca

Amazing Charter company, we had a great day last Monday 25-11-2019. Fantastic helpful staff, nice and cozy atmosphere. Absolutely recommend.

Fantastic trip

Perfectly catered boat trip. Good buffet, nice crew, good care and more than enough to drink.

We had a great day!

As the title says we had a great day, very nice guests all of whom you can laugh with. Because of the lack of tourists, we almost had a private tour, top service with food and drinks. And not to forget Klein Curacao is really a thing you must have seen and done if you are on the island. We snorkeled between a lot of fish and also turtles.

A day of joy

Dear people, my husband and I look back on our trip with you to small Curacao with great pleasure. It was super arranged, the food was great, Idon't know who cooked but compliments to the chef. We have seen turtles and luckily 1 on film for home, as proof. The beach was beautiful with white sand and a beautiful blue sea. What more could you ask for? We took nice pictures of the island. On the trip back, the bar opened and the music turned on. If I had enough money, I would hire you as a crew separately and take a nice sailing trip along the coast.

This is what you want to do when you are on Cura

Most beautiful beach we have ever seen. Definitely a must! Good service on the boat, incredibly good food and a very funny and pleasant staff. For this price we could not have wished for better! Kind regards, Dewi and Annekai


A great day with "a great crew". Well served lunch that takes dietary needs into account. Definitely a must for young and old.

Did you think you had seen all the beautiful beaches!?

We had a wonderful day on the trip to Klein Curacao. You sail with a large catamaran to this beautiful piece of paradise. The friendly crew takes care of everything down to the last detail. Well prepared lunch and drinks on board. You will find nothing lacking. Really a must!

Highly recommended!

Super relaxed trip! Did not leave too early, hosts took great care of everyone, bbq was very tasty, beautiful island and great snorkeling between the turtles. Highly recommended!!!

Top day!

We enjoyed ourselves. Staff is top. Food is well organized. Drinks are also plentiful. In one word: great!

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Private trips

When you are with a group it is possible to rent a boat with captain and crew privately. In general, this is already very interesting from around 20 people. then you can choose a day trip to Klein Curacao or a trip along the coast of Curacao. This is possible with the yacht as well as with the catamarans.

Care during the day

It is possible to bring your own food and drinks or we can provide this entirely for you. Of course you can also opt for a combination of these. These are the options we offer you:

• Breakfast
• (Extensive) BBQ lunch
• Open bar soda
• Open bar soda, wine and beer
• Open bar soda, wine, beer and licor.

Let us know what your wishes are and we will make a suitable proposal for you.

Privé trips

Wanneer u met een groep bent is het mogelijk om een boot met kapitein en crew privé te huren. Over het algemeen is dit al zeer interessant vanaf ongeveer 20 personen. U kunt dan kiezen voor een dagtrip naar Klein Curacao of voor een trip langs de kust van Curacao. Dit kan zowel met de jacht als met de catamarans.

Verzorging gedurende de dag

Het is mogelijk om zelf uw eten en drinken mee te nemen of wij kunnen dit geheel voor u verzorgen. Natuurlijk kunt u ook voor een combinatie hiervan kiezen. Dit zijn de opties die wij u bieden:

• Ontbijt
• (Uitgebreide) BBQ lunch
• Open bar frisdrank
• Open bar frisdrank, wijn en bier
• Open bar frisdrank, wijn, bier en sterke drank.

Laat ons weten wat uw wensen zijn, dan maken wij een passend voorstel voor u.