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The history of Klein Curacao

The history of Klein Curacao Klein Curacao is a small island which is close to the island of Curacao itself. Although this island is not that big and has not been on the map for very long, it still has a very interesting history.   The discovery of Klein Curacao Unfortunately, the exact moment when Klein Curacao was discovered is unknown. However, we do know from when the island was put on the map. This was in 1871 by an English mining engineer named John Godden. However, he did not just put Klein Curacao on the map; he had a

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The coast and the lighthouse of Klein Curacao

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao One of the must-sees when visiting Klein Curacao is the iconic pink lighthouse. A lighthouse was first built on Klein Curacao in 1849 and this lighthouse was called the Prins Hendrik lighthouse. Unfortunately, this lighthouse was destroyed during a hurricane in 1877. However, it was important for shipping that there would be a good lighthouse on Klein Curacao and that is why the lighthouse was immediately rebuilt in 1877. Subsequently, this lighthouse was rebuilt in 1913 and this lighthouse can still be seen today.   The lighthouse of Klein Curacao itself If you would like

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Het strand van Klein Curacao

The beach of Klein Curacao

The beach of Klein Curacao   Klein Curacao is a small island about 25 kilometers from Curacao itself. The island has a circumference of about 2 square kilometers. Klein Curacao itself is uninhabited. Yet the island is very popular. This is because this tropical bounty island has pearly white beaches, clear blue water and a beautiful underwater world. This island is a must see when you are on holiday to Curacao. Klein Curacao beach is also known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.   White beaches Klein Curacao has one of the most beautiful beaches in

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Sea turtles on Klein Curacao

Sea turtles (and breeding) on Klein Curacao

Sea turtles (and breeding) on Klein Curacao Although not many people know about it, Klein Curacao is really worth a visit on your next trip to Curacao! This small island has a lot to offer, such as the iconic, special lighthouse and the various shipwrecks around the island. However, did you know that you can also see sea turtles on Klein Curacao?   The turtles of Klein Curacao When you take a beach walk on Klein Curacao, you run the risk of encountering sea turtles. The reason the turtles can be seen so close to the coast is because there

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scheepswrak klein curacao

The shipwreck on Klein Curacao

The shipwreck on Klein Curacao   Klein Curacao is a small, flat island near Curacao itself. However, the island does have a history of shipwrecks. As a result, there are several shipwrecks on the island that you can visit during a nice walk on the island.   How were the shipwrecks created? There are quite strong currents around the small island. This can make it very difficult for ships to navigate in the vicinity. There is also a northeasterly wind that ensures that the ships are also pushed closer to the coast of the island. During the time of the

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wildlife klein curacao

Wildlife on Klein Curacao

Wildlife on Klein Curacao During a visit to Klein Curacao there is a lot that you can do and see. You can take a walk along the beach and look at the shipwrecks that can be found there or you can take a look at the iconic pink lighthouse. It is also very nice to go snorkelling or diving in the sea at Klein Curacao. Here you can admire the beautiful underwater world and see all kinds of animals such as sea turtles. However, there are also plenty of animals on the island that you can admire. Here you will

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Phosphate extraction on Klein Curacao

Phosphate extraction on Klein Curacao Although it is not known exactly when Klein Curacao was discovered, it was put on the map in 1871 by the English mining engineer John Godden. This was of course not without reason, because he discovered that a certain substance on Curacao could be quite profitable. Below I explain more about phosphate extraction on Klein Curacao.   Phosphate extraction on Klein Curacao When John Godden arrived at Klein Curacao, he found out that a lot of phosphate could be obtained here and this could yield a lot of profit. This phosphate was left behind by

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Klein Curacao, a Caribbean pearl

Klein Curacao, a Caribbean pearl Looking for a place where you don’t have to share the beach with countless tourists and where your view isn’t obstructed by hotels or beach chairs? Klein Curacao is an uninhabited paradise where you can experience the ultimate Robinson feeling! Except for a few beach huts and a lighthouse, the island is completely unspoilt. Exactly what you imagine on a tropical Caribbean island. The place was named the most beautiful beach in Curacao by Lonely Planet. A day trip to this wonderful island is therefore a fantastic idea during your stay on Curacao. Enjoy the

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duiken klein curacao

Diving on Klein Curacao

Diving on Klein Curacao   Although Klein Curacao is, as the name suggests, a small island, there is still more than enough to do. One of the best things you can do during your visit to Klein Curacao is to go diving! Not many people have done this before, but it is always a unique and unforgettable experience! Many people dive around Curacao, but you should really try diving on Klein Curacao!   What makes diving on Klein Curacao so special? When you go diving on Klein Curacao, there are a number of things you can expect. Obviously not every

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penha building curacao

The beautiful Penha building in Curaçao

The beautiful Penha building in Curaçao One of the most impressive sights in Curaçao is the Penha Building. This building is very special and you will notice that immediately when you see it for the first time. The building doesn’t seem “real”. By this I mean it looks like a dollhouse, although it was meant to be a real house to live in. This is mainly due to the yellow color of the building and the beautiful window frames. The Penha Building in Curacao is a must visit place when you are in Willemstad, Curacao. It is located on the

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