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Fuikdag is the coziest party in Curacao

Every year there is a great party on Curacao called Fuikdag! This party is the coziest party in Curacao for good reasons. This festival takes place every year on the first Sunday of the new year. Although this party started as a small 3 boat party with some friends, it is now a huge event on the water! The reason this festival is called Fuikdag is because Fuik is the name of the bay where it takes place.


What is Fuikdag and how do you celebrate it?

During Fuikdag it is the intention that you float on the water with whatever you can think of. Of course most people rent a boat, but this has to be arranged months in advance, because on Fuikdag itself there is a good chance that every boat that can be found on the island has already been rented. You can participate in other floating things of course, but a boat is always the nicest and most comfortable. For Fuikdag you do not have to pay an entrance fee or administration costs. Unlike festivals, you can even bring your own food and drinks here! Everyone is welcome as long as they have something that floats and they participate in it.


The origin of the party

This event came about quite naturally. In the 1960s it was an annual event for the members of the Curacao Yacht Club, owners of yachts and large sailing boats who had set up a private club for themselves, where they had a large, extensive breakfast every year on January 1. ate at 6 in the morning. Every year it was a regular circle of friends who went here. At some point, however, the yacht club stopped organizing this breakfast every year, so the friends decided to organize it themselves. Eduardo Badaracco took the lead here and they decided to take the boat to Fuikbaai every year and then have a nice day together. Of course January 1 was not always convenient, so they changed the date and agreed that they would do it every first Sunday of the new year. This party grew in popularity every year and so it eventually grew into a big party for everyone. More and more people went there and saw how much fun it was, which makes it still very popular and well-known today. Fuikdag is the biggest party on the water in Curacao and even one of the biggest floating events in the entire Caribbean!
Fuikdag is celebrated in the Fuikbaai, which is located on the southeastern side of Curacao. The Fuik Bay is close to Table Mountain. You can only visit this place by boat on the day itself and this is what the visitors do. People come with their own boat, rent a boat or book a boat tour far in advance so that they can participate in this great party. However, there are also plenty of people who float around in the water on air mattresses, inflatable swimming pools or rubber boats during Fuikdag. Partygoers are not the only ones who like to come to this party, because artists perform every year.


Why is Fuikdag the most fun party?

Fuikdag is therefore also called the coziest party in Curacao and certainly not without good reasons. Fuikdag has a fantastic atmosphere! First of all, it is of course already a beautiful location on the water near Curacao. Especially in the evening it is beautiful in the Fuikbaai. In addition, there is fun music every year and it always remains a surprise which great artists will perform again this year. On Fuikdag there is never a fixed program, line-up or headliners for this floating event, but famous DJs have always come to Fuikdag to play their music. They do this from their own boats and give a fantastic live performance. A number of well-known artists who have performed at Fuikdag in the past are, for example, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Partysquad, DJ Chuckie and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Every year it is a great mystery who will perform this time and that is part of the fun and exciting thing about Fuikdag: it always remains a surprise!
In addition to the good music and beautiful location, Fuikdag is a separate event in itself. It is the intention that you participate in something that floats and this is great fun! Every year it is nice to see what people come up with this year, such as inflatable swimming pools or flamingos. The people at this party are always super nice. Drinks are shared between the visitors and everyone dances together. This is also different from festivals where something always goes wrong or something happens, because this doesn’t happen on Fuikdag. Of course a lot can go wrong during this party, but this does not happen at all. During Fuikdag everyone gets along well and there is a great atmosphere everywhere. You should really visit this floating outdoor event on Curacao !


Tips for Fuikdag

Everyone should go to Fuikdag once as it is such a great party. However, it is useful to be well prepared for this party. You would think that it is not that difficult to rent a boat, but you really have to arrange this months in advance. On the day of Fuikdag itself, there will no longer be a boat that you can still rent on Curacao, because they are all rented out for this party. Also, the prices get more expensive the closer you get to Fuikdag, so really make sure you rent and arrange all this well in advance. In addition, this is a party that you really need to recover from. That is why it is useful to plan your trip to Curacao in such a way that you have Fuikdag at the very beginning in the first few days, so that you can relax and recover after the party. Also, arriving on the day itself is absolutely not convenient, because it is already so hectic, so try to arrive on Curacao at least two days before Fuikdag. This gives you enough time to buy things for the party, so that you are optimally prepared and can really enjoy it!