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mambo beach beach curacao

Mambo Beach Curacao: the most popular beach in Curacao


Mambo Beach Curacao… It is of course in our top 10 most beautiful beaches in Curacao for a reason. This popular beach is loved by locals but certainly tourists as well. There is plenty to do, making it the perfect place for any kind of company. But what makes Mambo Beach so special? We are happy to tell you all about this beautiful beach.


Mambo Beach for everyone

Mambo Beach is suitable for everyone. At night, unforgettable parties erupt, attracting especially many young people. During the day there is just room for everyone, from those same partying young people who want to have a drink beforehand to families with small children. The beach slopes slowly into the sea making it pleasant to walk into the sea. The clear, azure water is calm making it pleasant for everyone to be in water. For the children there floats a large raft where hours can be played on.


Mambo Beach compared to the Big Knip

Whereas Mambo Beach has many bustling beach bars and other facilities, Grote Knip is a bit quieter. In fact, this other popular beach has no beach bars at all. This does account for the fact that it is usually a bit quieter on the Big Cut. Many locals come here for a day of relaxation having a snack or drink on the beach. If you’re lucky, they brought something for you. Still, if you want to experience the benefits of many facilities, you better visit Mambo Beach. Here you can find various eateries, beach huts, snack bars and you name it.


Location Mambo Beach

Did you know that Mambo Beach is the only beach in Curacao with a boulevard? When you get tired of the sun, sea and beach for a while, you can stroll along the long promenade. Several stores, restaurants, playgrounds and entertainment venues can be found here. A big advantage is that the Mambo Beach promenade is free to enter! Parking also costs nothing. Most stores are open 24/7. Because of the bustling Mambo Beach, there is always someone to be found on the beach or promenade. At night, it is the place where young but certainly older people can party until the late hours. It is the place to be with various DJs and artists.

Mambo Beach is well worth a visit with any kind of company. You can relax on one of the many sun loungers and enjoy the sun and the sea, visit the promenade or go crazy at one of the many parties. But Curacao also has much more to offer! There are several sights to visit that are well worth seeing. In addition, Curacao is also the perfect location for diving or snorkeling. Prefer to take a trip to Klein Curacao? Then you’ve come to the right place at Curacao Trips. We provide fully arranged trips to Klein Curacao.

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