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We went to Klein Curacao with serendipity. Lots of wind, but crossing was very doable. Delicious breakfast on the island, lunch, a BBQ, delicious drinks. What else do you want? In the afternoon we saw turtles when snorkeling. The staff was very friendly and very helpful. Eeally a must for young and old. Thanks everyone for this great day.

The Serendipity curacao

Well organized and well taken care of day trip to Klein Curacao. A delightful boat, fast crossing and helpful crew.

Nice day, good and friendly service

As there are many companies driving to Klein Curacao, we decided for the Serendipity and didn't regret it. The staff was very helpful and friendly, everything was very well organized and the Yacht was in a very good condition and well maintained. The sea ride going, was very rough so the staff provided plastic bags for the ones that had to throw up.. The food was nice, not remarkably good but satisfying. They offer a free snorkel tour in the afternoon. As the only company on the island, they have a beach house with beds in the shade, so that was very comfortable. The ride going back didn't have huge waves, but the whole ship was wanking from left to right because the captain didn't drive with the waves, this is something that could have been avoided because it was not very comforting for all guests. As an improvement it would be nice to have the soft drinks cooled, because they just offered ice cubes but the coke e.g. was warm so the drinks weren't refreshing. All in all all trips are super overpriced for what you get - it's just a boat trip with food- and you pay over 100$ so the Serendipity just lines in with the others. So if you wanna go, you don't have another choice but paying too much money for what you get- but then you can at least to it with the Serendipity we didn't regret it.

Klein Curacao met perfecte service!

Gister zijn wij gezellig samen naar Klein Curacao geweest. Het startpunt: hier kregen we plastic bekers (waar we de hele rit uit konden drinken - enorme vuilbesparing!) en een instapkaart. De boot was schoon en had genoeg zitplekken (gelukkig, want je moest zitten). De heenreis is voor iemand die zeeziek is niet leuk, maar voor de rest 1 grote attractie. Wild, maar alles werd super geregeld. We werden overal over geinformeerd. Eenmaal daar kregen we een heerlijk ontbijt (broodjes, fruit, eieren en onbeperkt drinken). Daarna hadden we alle tijd voor onszelf. Snorkelen, luieren, krabben bestuderen, met zeeschildpadden zwemmen, noem het maar op. Rond 1 uur kregen we nog een BBQ lunch (vlees, brood, fruit, meerdere salades). Wederom weer erg lekker. Om 2 uur konden we mee met een snorkelsafari. Deze nam je mee naar de beste plekken om zeeschildpadden te spotten. Wij zijn zelf niet meegegaan, omdat we ze al gezien hadden, maar iedereen kwam enthousiast terug. Om 15.15 weer rustig terug naar de boot voor een korter en rustiger boottochtje. Een hele dag vol met super vriendelijk personeel en lekker eten. Een aanrader voor als je met een goeie service Klein Curacao wilt ontdekken!

What an experience

We doubted whether we should go, because this trip costs 100 euro per person and the beach is also available on regular Curacao, right? I am glad we went. Sofia (Sophia?) and her colleagues have given us a great day. From the moment we stepped on the luxury yacht 'my serendipity'. Serendipity stands for 'finding something good without looking for it'. And what a surprise it was. Breakfast on the island, chilling, walking to the shipwreck and the lighthouse, taking part in the amazing snorkeling trip.... Freedom! While snorkeling, two guides joined us in the water, two on the water and even a diver helped keep things safe. We fed the tropical fish and swam with the wild turtles that have their hatchlings on this island every year. In the afternoon there was a buffet, so nothing was missing. On the way back we sunbathed on the tip of the boat and enjoyed a rum punch cocktail. Sophia and team, thank you so much! We will never forget this. ❤️

Well-organized trip to klein Curacao

Through tui, we booked a trip to Klein Curacao. This was organized by the Serendipity. A luxury yacht took us to Klein Curacao in about one hour and fifteen minutes. On the way we already had a cup of tea with some crackers. We arrived at a very good and tasty breakfast. After that there was time to see some culture on the island or to go snorkeling. In the afternoon a bbq lunch, also very well organized! Recommended to book the trip through Klein Curacao Trips. The crew is amazing too!

Beautiful day! Recommended

Had a wonderful day with the help of the Serendipity crew. Well taken care of both on the boat and on the island. You get a good sandwich for breakfast, fruit and a boiled egg. In the afternoon a delicious barbecue, something for everyone. The snorkeling safari that is offered is very nice. You go with a crew member to a part of sea where you can swim with sea turtles. This is not mandatory, you have all the freedom. Great shady spots on the beach. It was a great day! Thanks Serendipity Crew

Super trip to Klein Curacao

With a luxury boat to small Curacao. The crew is very friendly and helpful. Delicious breakfast and lunch served. Klein Curacao is really a bounty island! During the snorkeling trip, guided by the crew, we were lucky to see several sea turtles. Also saw many beautiful, colorful fish.

Peaceful, stunning and just amazing

I cannot tell you how amazing this was. You have to experience this. The food the service the boat ride itself was just perfect. I took so many great pictures and videos. I work almost everyday so it was the perfect escape. The crew was so helpful, good instructions, so friendly. I felt like a Queen. We even saw Pygmy Orca. Its a small whale people confuse them with Dolphins. It was AMAZING!!! Thank you Serendipity and Klein Curacao Trips. You will be seeing me again.

Must do!

The boat trip is relatively short, if you are seasick take pills! The crew is also very helpful if you get sick. Once at the island, a small motorboat takes you to the beach and you step into the oasis of an uninhabited island. They have a private place with a shaded area for breakfast and lunch (great care!) and sunbeds with a canopy! Bring plenty of sunscreen because there is a bright blue sea to swim and snorkel in! There is a monument/fire tower and shipwrecks to see!

Great and well organized day trip by boat

The boat trip with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao was excellent. Approximately 1 hour sailing. Crew helpful and friendly. Everything is well explained. On Klein Curacao possibility of snorkeling and diving and maybe turtle spotting. Both breakfast and bbq lunch well taken care of. Soft drinks and water free to consume. Sufficient shade and beach chairs. The sun makes it complete.

Fantastic day!

Fantastic day, very well arranged. The staff is very friendly and helpful and very knowledgeable. They give you a lot of personal attention. From the boat you go ashore in motor boats, nice experience. The beach itself is very nice; there are plenty of sunbeds and some nice places to walk to. There is a free Snorkel Safari, highly recommended and the staff keeps a close eye on everyone. Breakfast, delicious BBQ lunch and free soft drinks are all fine. Celebrated happy hour on the way back with a rum punch. Wonderful day!

Amazing Experience!!

Serendipity crew were amazing to work with! Such fun crew to spend the day with. The food, the sun the setting were all amazing!!

Great organized day on Klein Curacao

Boat ride was very comfortable, got to the island in about an hour. Crew is helpful, friendly, attentive and welcoming. Plenty of beds and umbrellas. Breakfast (sandwiches, currant rolls, fillings, boiled egg, tea & coffee) and lunch (chicken, ribs on bbq, stew, rice, some salads, fruit salad) are tasty and there is enough for everyone; buffet style. Cup of tea on the way out, cocktail on the way back. Clever use of plastic cup so waste is kept to a minimum. Snorkeling trip to spot sea turtles is quite relaxing: walk upstream on the beach and then enter the water and return with the current. So doable. Visit the wreck and lighthouse as early as possible (because of the heat).

Nice day on small curacao

We went to small Curacao with the yacht. It was great. On the way there I was a bit seasick, but they are happy to help. (The way back was better by the way, I was not seasick at all, because of the wind). Everything was well organized. There were clear agreements and the food was good and certainly enough. The snorkel safari made it even more fun so you came across more fish and they took you to the spot where the turtles often sit. Also you could just make your own plans there was enough freedom.

Klein Curaçao

Inicialmente eu e minha esposa ficamos receosos em fazer um passeio de 2h para chegar a ilha, com nosso filho de 5 anos. Porém, de acordo com os comentários positivos, resolvemos fazer o passeio com a Serendipity, pelo barco (lancha muito grande), que é muito confortável e rápido. Levamos menos de 2h para chegar, a viagem fpi agradável e a tripulacao muito prestativa. O passeio a Klein Curaçao é imperdível, é simplesmente maravilhoso. Chegando na Ilha,a estrutura é muito boa, com muita sobra,cadeiras e banheiro. Foi servido um café da manhã e almoço satisfatório. Recomendo a Serendipity, pelo atendimento, pelo barco, rapidez da viagem e pela estrutura na praia.

Klein Curacao

Nice trip to the Bounty Island of Curacao. Left early in the morning at 7 with the Serendipity. The way there is a bit rough because of the current but is easy to do. Upon arrival you go to a private beach bed (in the shade if desired). After breakfast, viewed the lighthouse and a frak on the other side of the island (200 meters). Served lunch at 1pm in the form of a limited buffet choice of pans and bowls. The competitor (MERMAID) 100 meters away set it up a bit more generously and convivially with a BBQ and extensive salads. At 2pm snorkeling with the group which was great fun and also saw the turtles. The group was 25 people, the max is because now some people in the water were in each other's way. At 15.15 hours the boat goes back. The staff is very friendly and the captain is a bit gruff Frisian.

Klein Korsou

On 7-5-2019 on the new yacht the Serendipity, booked a day of Klein Curacao with the family. Although I have seen Klein Korsou in the past it felt like the first time. Despite the rough sea around it was a great trip and well taken care of. The crew was extremely caring and the food somewhat tasty and well served. Snorkeling with the peelers is definitely a must. Who Curacao (my birth island) visits for a great vacation I definitely recommend to book a tour with Klein Curacao Trips.

Lovely day

This was one of the best, if not the best, days on Curaçao. The boat ride to the island was on a beautyful yacht. The crew was very friendly and helpfull. The island itself was gorgeous with an old lighthouse and pearly white beaches. The food (breakfast and lunch) that was served was very good. Some crew members took us on a snorkling trip and we swam with tortoises. Highly recommend this too everbody.

Trip to Klein Curacao

Great day trip on luxury yacht with very friendly crew where the service is great. On arrival a delicious breakfast and a great BBQ during lunch. Beautiful private beach area where you can enjoy the sun, the view or can snorkel.

Dolce far niente with the Serendipity in Klein Curacao

Pretty nice place with nothing to do but sunbathe and swim with turtles! Staff is fantastic with attention, breakfast, BBQ, drinks and rum punch!!! All delicious and in abundance. Grounds full of hermit crabs, never seen them before, and of course lizards and iguanas.

trip to Klein Curacao

With the Serendipity to Klein Curacao. Despite the choppy sea, a beautiful trip. A good breakfast when we arrived and a nice lunch in the afternoon. With Karni Stoba, delicious tender beef. Furthermore, enough to eat and drink. All the space and time you need to snorkel. I was lucky to see a turtle, despite the current that day. It was also nice that there was a shower so you could rinse off when you got out of the water. On the way back a nice rum punch. A wonderful day!

Fun day out with lots to see

Good service from the crew who looked after the day with great enthusiasm. Good food and plenty of time to relax. The snorkel safari was amazing, where the turtles swim right under you.

Best day out on the island

What an amazing day this was; a super deluxe boat and an excellent crew made it an enjoyable experience. The food was excellent and enough (both breakfast and lunch), the soda drinks had no limit and was in good variation. The island amenities were spot on. But most of all we had a great time with Kees and Kris who introduced us in diving; as novices we couldn't have wished for a better instructor nor a better place. They made this the best day of out vacation; what a wonderful rif to get your maiden dive in. We can only recommend the tour and be sure to plan in a dive! Wase Groeten uit het Antwerpse!

Super nice people and excellent service!

Also with us the beautiful boat was cancelled and we went with the carribean experience. This was communicated in advance. On the other hand, they made up for it with the hospitality and service of their staff. The food was very well organized and all staff on board were constantly working to make sure you had a great day. Before you were thirsty again they were already getting drinks for you on the boat. I find it strange that people whine about the boat when you have the choice not to go. Klein Curacao that was what it was all about in the end and it was beautiful there!!!

Boat trip to Klein Curacao

Top organized trip to Klein Curacao. Got up early but that is eventually rewarded in a nice day with very good breakfast and lunch. Also the snorkel trip with one of the crew members to look for turtles was very nice to do. The crew takes good care of their guests and they pay attention to safety during the boat trip and snorkel experience. Just great and recommended to everyone!

Super fun and well organized day!

We have had a super fun day on small Curacao with the Serendipity. Fine that everything was arranged in its entirety including food and drinks. Of which more than enough was present so you come up with nothing short. Staff was super friendly and cheerful. Also big compliments for the flexibility. We had booked this boat trip but the night before I became very ill. A few hours before departure I let them know via whatsapp. This was no problem at all, no costs were charged. Luckily we could still join the trip a few days later, also in this case they were very sympathetic. All in all a nice trip and super customer friendly organization!


We had a great day to Klein Curacao. Staff friendly and excellent explanation. Breakfast and bbq included which was all fine!

Well organized

Had a nice day on Klein Curacao. The crew is friendly and communication went well. When we went it was still quiet because of Corona so we had plenty of room. Food was very well organized. You could get unlimited non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. There was also the possibility to go snorkeling with someone from the crew and the rest of the guests. You were free to do whatever you wanted. The yacht was very luxurious, although you have to stay seated during the trip (70 min). Nothing to complain and definitely a fun activity to do if you go to Curacao!

Had a wonderful day thanks to the good organization

Do you want a day to relax, do nothing, sunbathe and snorkel then you should book a day in Klein Curacao. Definitely do this with the Serendipity, a great crew that thinks of everything. The outward journey was not so bad. Once we were on the spot we had a private beach where you can lie in and out of the shade. First we had a nice breakfast together. The breakfast is not wow, but everything you need. Sandwiches with ham, cheese, chicken salad, lettuce, tomatoes, an egg and a banana. Coffee and tea and you can grab. The lunch was delicious. Nice tender chicken, sweet ribs or stew with rice, potato salad, pasta salad you name it. You could also get a soda throughout the day. Once the trip was over we were treated to a rum punch on the yacht. Thank you for the good organization!!!

Most beautiful day of our vacation!

Wow, this was our best day of the vacation! Fantastically well organized. We got a delicious breakfast on arrival & the lunch was also very good. We recommend you to take travel pills in advance, because the outward journey is heavy on the open sea. We had no problems with the pills, but many other people needed a bag. The return trip is very relaxing because you sail with the waves. You also have time in the morning to explore the island. In the afternoon you get to go snorkeling with the crew. We really recommend to do that! What a fantastic experience that was. We saw mega big (and also some smaller) turtles that come to eat the bread out of your hands. In addition, the crew was really nice! In one word: DO IT! You will get a fantastic experience to never forget!

We had a great day

Yesterday we went to Klein Curacao with the Serendipity, what a nice crew and everything is well organized! on the island you first get an explanation and then nice time for yourself. We had a lot of fun!

Away from it all

With Miss Justine today we got up early We were picked up at 6.30 at our hotel and after 1,5 hours of sailing we arrived at Klein Curacao After a detailed explanation of our captain what there is to do, we were received with a good breakfast. After this everyone went his own way on this fun island. Later we were invited for a delicious lunch where the stew tasted delicious. Praise to the staff who made this a successful day

Well cared for and filled day

We had a nice day with the Serendipity. The way out and back take 1,5 hours each time on the boat. The outward journey is a bit rough, the return journey a lot better. Breakfast was fine (sandwich, ham, cheese, tuna salad, tomato, egg). There were plenty of beach beds available, also with shade which is really needed. Lunch was delicious (spareribs, chicken, corn on the cob etc). Snorkeling trip is really recommended. Especially the big turtles are impressive. Tip: Maybe they could have told us something about the tragic history of this island. The crew is very friendly and in for a joke! In short: a very nice day! Thanks a lot!

Top für einen entspannte Bootsausflug

Der Ausflug nach Klein Curacao mit der Serendipity war traumhaft schön. Das Boot ist in einem sehr gepflegten Zustand und die Crew ist super nett und freundlich. Auch die Verpflegung (Getränke, Frühtück und Lunch) waren super lecker. Essen und alkoholfreie Getränke sind natürlich inclusive, für kleines Geld gibt dann auf der Insel auch Bier und Wein. Die Crew hat auf der Insel ein kleines Strandhaus und genug Strandliegen für alle, wem die Sonne zu viel wird der findet auch immer einen schönen Platz im Schatten. Einen kleinen Abzug in der Bewertung muss ich aber leider für das anfüttern der Fische mit Brot geben, man kann auch ohne sehr viel sehen beim Schnorcheln und muss dafür nicht in die Natur eingreifen.  Anbieter für Ausflüge nach Klein Curaco gibt es viele auf der Insel, die Serendipity empfehle ich für alle die jenigen, die eine entspannte Tour und einen traumhaften Strandtag zum relaxen ohne permanente laute Musikbeschallung suchen. Wer nach einem Partyboot sucht sollte sich bei anderen Anbietern umschauen.

Amazing experience!!!

I went with my girlfriend and his brother to Klein Curaçao with the Serendipity to spend the night there. Since the morning of day 1, the crew was extremely friendly and did their best to accommodate our wishes and needs. The trip happens on board of a yacht, which makes the trip comfortable and faster than the other operators. In the island, the private beach house is well equipped with good facilities, considering it is an inhabited island. Toilets, showers, kitchen, sun beds, dive shops and so on. Only cash is accepted on the island. It was an unforgettable experience and I advise everyone to spend the night there if possible.

Nice Excursion

Very nice boat, nice trip with pleasant crew to Klein Curacao. Nice breakfast and lunch, plenty of drinks and shady spots. Guidance during the whole trip is great. Point of attention is that at Klein Curacao you are taken from the yacht in rubber boats to the island (and later also back), so you have to change. This is not without risk, so it is wise to take into account what you bring.

Great experience and snorkeling with John

It was a great one day trip, the boat is very nice, Kleine Curaçao is amazing! Wild and beautiful! I specially enjoyed the snorkeling tour thanks to John who helped me overcome my fear of going in deep sea. He was next to me the whole time reassuring me and brought me to the edge of the deep waters which I would never do alone! We saw turtles at the end which was amazing! The only thing I didn’t quite like about the trip was the part of the beach where we stayed as it was not the best spot and there were flies. Overall amazing experience and friendly crew!

Klein Curacao

Amazing boat with a nice crew. Also for the passengers who got nauseous from the sometimes rough sea. On the island the lunch was extensive and you had cold and hot drinks available all day. Highly recommended!

Lovely beach and amazing encounter with turtles!

The luxury yacht Serendipity takes you in about 50 minutes to Klein Curacao. There, a lot of beauty awaits you; snow-white beaches, magical blue water and a super snorkel safari, where we encountered a number of sea turtles in addition to the beautiful fish. My girlfriend wasn't much of a hero, but thanks to guide John she dared to come along. He always reassured her and made sure that both of us could enjoy this amazing encounter with the turtles. Serendipity, but especially John, thanks for the super trip!

Well organized

This year we went to Klein Curacao. It was a well organized trip. Everything was clearly explained and everything was well organized. We dived for the first time with diver Kees. A super good, quiet instructor who also made very nice pictures. Everyone thanks very much for organizing this day!

Serendipity trip Klein Curacao

Had a great day out to Klein Curacao. Beautiful boat, well taken care of food, both breakfast and delicious bbq with lunch. Crew was very nice. Snorkel tour was super. All together it was a great experience and definitely recommended! Thank you Klein Curacao trips!

Nice day on a beautiful island

Although we had to get out of bed early on a holiday we didn't regret it.  We left early in the morning and arrived around 8h45 on the island. The sea can get quite intense so if you get seasick easily it might be a tough ride. Soon after we arrived breakfast was served which was obviously basic, but there was certainly enough for everyone. After breakfast we took a walk to the lighthouse and ship wreck, which we would definitely recommend you doing as early as possible because it gets quite hot. Then we took some time to swim and relax on the beds before lunch. Beverages were available the entire day (non-alcoholic was included in the price).  Lunch was a BBQ, we got ribs, chicken and "stoofvlees" with sides like rice, salad and bread. For dessert there was also some fruit salad foreseen. The food was within expectations for a trip like this where I don't expect the quality to be similar to a restaurant with a Micheling star.  After lunch we got invited to a "snorkel safari" by the crew. This was certainly an amazing experience where we enjoyed the company of many fish and several turtles.  On the way back they served a nice cocktail (non-alcoholic option available too). The crew was very helpful and friendly.  We found the price to be inline with what we got from the day.

the serendipity boat trip

Had a great day! Super friendly crew and excellent service! Beautiful island and the snorkeling trip is fun!

Bounty beach experience with excursion to Klein Curacao

Excursion to Klein Curacao. We woke up early and then a bus picked us up at our resort and took us to the harbor. There we were taken by a smaller boat to the large motor yacht that was going to take us to Klein Curaçao. The trip to the uninhabited island took about 1 hour and fifteen minutes. By speedboat you are taken the last meters to the beach. The island is really one from the movies. Beautiful sandy beach and azure / green sea. Once on the island, the crew prepared a nice breakfast. All kinds of soft drinks were available all day for free. In the afternoon there was a good lunch with a bbq. There is plenty to do on the island: - relax on a sunbed overlooking the sea. - In the sun or in the shade. There is plenty of shade. Many sunbeds are located under the characteristic huts. - snorkeling in the blue-green water looking for fish and turtles. (There was also the opportunity to snorkel and look for turtles with the crew) - take a walk to the lighthouse and/or shipwreck. - Getting a beer or wine and enjoying it. (Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price, but are very reasonably priced - certainly not standard hospitality prices - For a chilled can of Amstel Bright we paid only 4 gulden (about 2 euros). The crew was very friendly and everything went in a relaxed and smooth manner. A little after 15u we were taken back to the yacht and sailed back to Curaçao. During the trip back, the visitors were treated to delicious rum cocktails. In short, this is something you do not want to miss during a visit to Curacao! Masha Danki to the crew!

Nice way to get to Klein Curacao

Excellent day trip to Klein Curacao. Nice boat, good care on board and on Curacao time to ourselves, snorkeling, sunbathing and delicious breakfast and meal later in the day. Good to do, even for our 91-year-old mother when transferring to and from the Serendipity from a dinghy. Also highly recommended.

Lovely day, well taken care of

Perfectly cared for trip to Klein Curacao. Taken care of from A-Z. Enthusiastic staff, good food and enough shade on the beach. The outward journey was no fun for some people, my travel pills were in great demand on the way back.

Lovely day on Klein Curacao

Had a very nice day with this organization on Klein Curacao. A day where you don’t have to do anything. Food and drink are provided on the island. Chance to swim with turtles. Rumpunch on the way back is also fun.

2nd Experience

What a great 2nd experience with you guys. New yacht, good explanation and a great day with super good service. Compliments to all crew

Wonderful experience!

On July 9, 2020 we traveled with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao. Everything was well organized (breakfast, lunch and drinks). Enough beds and shaded areas. Also the crew was very friendly and helpful. Had a great day with Klein Curacao Trips. Definitely a recommendable trip!

Best Tour!

We truly enjoyed our adventure with the Serendipity. It was truly an adventure every step of the way. We told the front of the yacht going and it really felt like a rollercoaster the entire way. (Hair will get wet & dont try it if you get sea sick) Once there they fed us breakfast and we were free to do whatever we wanted on the island. We came just to scuba dive so that's what we did. Our guide was very knowledgeable, respectful, funny, and wise. Gave us "wise grandfather or uncle vibes". We went on a 2 hr dive with 1 tank and we highly recommend it, 2 tanks would have been too much. As soon as we finished lunch was ready, we ate, rested for a few and then took a swim to snorkel to see the turtle. (They say turtles but we only saw 1, however well worth the swim from the beach). Cooled down for a few and then back on the boat. We are moderate level divers, so the dive was super easy, clear water with a huge reef and a lot of sea creatures to enjoy. No rays or turtles which why I booked it, but they say they migrate through between Sep- Oct so keep that in mind when planning your dive. Overall 5 stars, hands down.

Trip to Klein Kòrsou

Top service. We started after the delicious breakfast with a walk to the lighthouse and shipwreck to get ahead of the hot afternoon sun. In the afternoon bbq lunch with salads, rice or bread. Then a special snorkeling trip with turtles and several beautiful fish.

Nice day

Went to small Curacao with the Serendipity. The staff did their best to make it a fun day and they succeeded! Especially the enthusiasm, great!

Amazing well taken care of trip to Klein Curacao

Had a wonderful day on Klein Curacao with the Serendipity. Friendly staff, good food and great snorkeling!

Great day !

With the Serendipity we made a super boat trip to small Curacao. Everything is well taken care of. Boat trip and food and drink on the island. The free snorkel safari is also very nice and you will probably see sea turtles. Walk on the island along lighthouse and shipwrecks gives beautiful pictures. Staff very friendly and helpful.


We had an amazing day on Klein Curacao! Service of the Serendipity was also excellent! They provide breakfast, lunch and unlimited drinks (pay alcohol) They take into account if you are a vegetarian, vegan! The beach pavilion was clean and toilet too! So on behalf of us, Crew of the Serendipity, Thank you for the good care!

Well organized

Good yacht, good food, beautiful island! Really recommended. Staff also super friendly. Because we were going to pay with our debit card we suddenly had to pay 5% extra because of 'commission'? Really nonsense, otherwise 5 stars now 4

Klein Curacao

Booked it then saw some poor Trip Advisor reviews. Hogwash. We used their shuttle from our resort. We had mixed results from other businesses shuttle. Serendipity shuttle was to pick us up at 6:00. We stepped on board at 6:00 am and were on the road at 6:01. No "Island time", no excuses, perfect. We arrived at the dock and 15 minutes later(max) we were boarding and we were off. The trip out(and back) was bouncy but we experienced NO sea sickness. AND if we had gotten seasick, we would not expect the crew to magically calm the seas(seems the main complaint on here). The island was lovely. The Serendipity had some of the best beach side accommodations out there. Breakfast, lunch, all included. Even had enough vegetarian options to keep the Missus happy. Soft drinks are complimentary. They do have some wine and bear available (bring a few bucks cash) The boat was great. The crew was great. I had a wonderful time. Most importantly I saw sea turtles and they were just like the ones on Finding Nemo. Same accent and everything.

Klein Curacao is beautiful

Klein Curacao is beautiful. The boat trip through Klein Curacao trips was very well taken care of. Very sweet staff who also took good care of the seasickness. Breakfast and bbq on the beach were well catered for. You can get unlimited drinks all day on the island. For alcohol you pay a small contribution. Sunbeds were very good and also the short snorkeling trip was well organized. The outward journey is quite rough, the return journey is more doable. Recommended to visit Klein Curacao with the Serendipity!

Amazing day!

We have been with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao, what a super friendly staff and fine crossings we have had! The nice thing about this company is that you really stay on the island the whole day. You can also go with a catamaran for the same money but then you stay mainly on the boat. Especially the new place where they left from 2 weeks ago is perfect, you are so on the sea and it is easy to find with ample parking. Everything is neatly arranged both on the boat and on the island, the food they provide is also very tasty! Absolute recommendation!

Nice trip to Klein Curacao

We sailed with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao. The trip there, we had a rough sea with high waves luckily we were on a large luxury motor yacht that is perfectly suited for that kind of circumstances. Care was excellent and the crew friendly and helpful. The island had nice clear water with lots of fish and turtles seen partly thanks to the crew. With the snorkel trip you will see most fish. The outward journey was a quiet trip. I can recommend the Serendipity

Wonderful day on Klein Curacao

What a delight on the luxury yacht the Serendipity. Outward journey quite rough, but was not so bad according to the crew. On the island it is all good. Nice breakfast and BBQ lunch and all day non alcoholic drinks all Inclusive. Went on a turtle snorkeling trip and only saw one. Spotted a ray though and lots of beautiful fish. The way back was calmer and with the harbor in sight we had a rum punch of the house. Do not hesitate just go with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao.

Serendipity trip Klein Curacao

Yesterday we went to Klein Curacao with the Serendipity. The original boat was broken down/under maintenance. We went with a different boat that was fine. As compensation 10 gulden per person was returned. Outward journey took over 1,5 hours and was not pleasant. Rough sea, quite a bit of wind so many bags were handed out. Once on the spot you forget this quickly. Clear blue water and white sand. Plenty of shade. Excellent breakfast. Had a slightly too romantic image of a bounty island. Around the place where we were there is some vegetation, the island is otherwise bare. Walk to lighthouse and shipwrecks on the rough side of the island. Excellent BBQ! Still snorkeling with 30 people to see fish and turtles. The trip back is better because of the wind and current. Another rum punch to finish. Been out and about all day. And despite the inconveniences of sailing it was a successful day. Travel pills are recommended if you don’t have sea legs

Klein Curacao

We have had a wonderful day! From the beginning of the day until the end everything was very well taken care of. The welcome was pleasant and the lady who explained things throughout the day, was super enthusiastic! (Nice to meet you, Noëlle!) The rest of the staff, by the way, was also very friendly and pleasant! Food and drinks were more than enough and top, Klein Curacao was as described super nice and the snorkel trip to the turtles (two turtles seen and lots of beautiful fish) definitely worth it. In short, enjoyed! Thanks for this beautiful day!


With the Serendipity to Klein Curacao is a great experience! Nice people and well taken care of trip with breakfast and lunch! Swimming with turtles! Great

Well organized day trip to Klein Curacao

This day trip was very well organized. Both the day trip leader (who spoke Dutch) and the other boat personnel were very attentive to the comfort of their guests on board. On the island itself, a very good breakfast and later lunch were ready. There was even an extra snorkeling tour and clear explanations of the options on the island (hiking to shipwrecks, lighthouse).


We had a very nice day and had many fun Experiences, snorkeled with turtles and everything was really super cool. Definitely recommended

Klein Curacao all incl.

One hour sailing to Klein Curacao. There was a good breakfast and enough time to look around or enjoy the lovely beach. Lots of crabs! Around 13u the lunch with a delicious barbecue after which there was a possibility of a snorkel safari. There were no sea turtles spotted. Around 16.00 we sailed back for an hour and we did see dolphins on the open sea. Highly recommended for a day trip. The crew was helpful and enthusiastic!

Fantastic boat trip!

Very nice boat trip to Klein Curacao with friendly staff. Fully taken care of with breakfast and lunch. Beautiful location to snorkel between the turtles. An absolute must to go with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao!

Klein Curacao

My husband and I went to Klein Curacao with the Serendipity and had a great day. My husband made 2 beautiful dives there and the diving instructor Kees really took his time! We had a great time eating and drinking and snorkeling. Just before we had to pack up to go back there was a group of dolphins swimming in front of the island and the crew loaded up 2 boats to see them up close, it was wonderful! On the way back there was also happy hour with rum punch! We enjoyed it!!! Applause for the crew, it is worth repeating!!!

Relaxed boat trip to Klein Curacao

I went with my wife to Klein Curacao for our anniversary with the Serendipity to Klein Curacao for a day of nice food and relaxation.  They are well organized and everything is been taken care of. We arrived at the port early in the morning and we went with the transport boat to the Serendipity which was the boat to the island. Watch out this can a be bit rough for people who at sensitive for sea sickness. We went on the back deck and body there got sick. .  Then after an little over a hour we arrived at the island and little boats brought us to the beach. And there is everything taken care of and well organized you can get free non alcohol drinks and beer and wine with payment.  At 9:30 breakfast is served and this is fresh and good, so you don’t have to eat before taking the boat trip.  Than at 13:00 the bbq lunch is served and we were amazed how they pulled that off, good food with a good taste made on a island with nothing .  In between there is time to relax, swim/snorkel with turtles and a lot of fish. Have a nice walk over the island and visit the lighthouse ( has been restored so you can access) and see 2 stranded shipwrecks.  At the end of the day there is a guided snorkeling tour . And for your safety there is boat rescue following the group while we were relaxing in the water.  At the end of the day we had a real nice and long day of relaxing and they had a nice bottle of bubbles for our anniversary to celebrate it.  This was a trip to remember as a great day.

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Private trips

When you are with a group it is possible to rent a boat with captain and crew privately. In general, this is already very interesting from around 20 people. then you can choose a day trip to Klein Curacao or a trip along the coast of Curacao. This is possible with the yacht as well as with the catamarans.

Care during the day

It is possible to bring your own food and drinks or we can provide this entirely for you. Of course you can also opt for a combination of these. These are the options we offer you:

• Breakfast
• (Extensive) BBQ lunch
• Open bar soda
• Open bar soda, wine and beer
• Open bar soda, wine, beer and licor.

Let us know what your wishes are and we will make a suitable proposal for you.

Privé trips

Wanneer u met een groep bent is het mogelijk om een boot met kapitein en crew privé te huren. Over het algemeen is dit al zeer interessant vanaf ongeveer 20 personen. U kunt dan kiezen voor een dagtrip naar Klein Curacao of voor een trip langs de kust van Curacao. Dit kan zowel met de jacht als met de catamarans.

Verzorging gedurende de dag

Het is mogelijk om zelf uw eten en drinken mee te nemen of wij kunnen dit geheel voor u verzorgen. Natuurlijk kunt u ook voor een combinatie hiervan kiezen. Dit zijn de opties die wij u bieden:

• Ontbijt
• (Uitgebreide) BBQ lunch
• Open bar frisdrank
• Open bar frisdrank, wijn en bier
• Open bar frisdrank, wijn, bier en sterke drank.

Laat ons weten wat uw wensen zijn, dan maken wij een passend voorstel voor u.