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Snorkelen Klein Curacao

Snorkeling on Klein Curacao

One of the most beautiful features of the Caribbean, though, is the crystal clear waters by which it is surrounded. Not to mention, of course, the beautiful and diverse life underneath. So it should come as no surprise that snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on Klein Curacao. The west coast of little Curacao has perhaps the longest and most beautiful beach in the world and is in the lee of the current. This means that the water here is even clearer than in other places in the Caribbean, the underwater life even more exuberant and the corals even more beautiful. And compared to her big brother Curacao, the corals on Klein Curacao are still virtually untouched due to the very few divers and snorkelers and because there is no pollution at all around the island here.


What can you expect from snorkeling on Klein Curacao?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter where around the island you enter the water, it is beautiful everywhere. However, as described earlier, we recommend snorkeling only along the west coast of Klein Curacao due to the currents. When you walk into the surf here you will notice that it gradually gets deeper and deeper. In most places, this rises to about six or seven feet. Then the reef goes down steeply to as much as 100 meters deep. This is what we call the drop-off and where all the scuba divers can be found. Between the surf and the drop-off there are already very many rocks with beautiful corals with a huge diversity of fish around them. This ranges from the usual schools that always hang out in shallower water, the common solitary Parrot fish, to huge lobsters that hide in the shade behind or under a rock during the day and even a large number of turtles that like to hang out here. In fact, Klein Curacao is a popular nesting ground for these sea turtles.


There are one organized trip to Klein Curacao where they also provide a snorkeling safari. A guide will take you to the most beautiful and special places around Klein Curacao. This is really hugely rewarding. We are talking about the VIP trip called Serendipity.


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