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Hotel hotspots: the best places for your vacation on Curaçao

Hotel hotspots: the best places for your vacation on Curaçao Do you want to go on vacation to Curaçao and are you curious about the best places to stay in a hotel? This island offers luxury, nature, beaches and great cuisine you won’t get enough of. Curaçao is a very popular island among the Dutch. Why that is? You’ll have to discover that for yourself! We’ll help you decide where you want to stay.   Jan Thiel Do you fancy a vacation at a luxury resort? Or do you want to rent a villa with a group of friends? Then

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penha building curacao

The special Penha building in Curacao

The special Penha building on Curacao One of the most impressive sights on Curacao is the Penha building. This building is very special and you will notice it as soon as you see it for the first time. The building does not appear to be ‘real’. By this I mean that it mostly resembles a real-life dollhouse, although it was meant to be a real house to live in. This is mainly due to the yellow color that covers the entire building and the beautiful, ornate moldings it has. The Penha building in Curacao is a place you should definitely

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Tropische lunch op het strand

Looking for a restaurant in Willemstad? 5x the best places

The 5 Best Willemstad Restaurants When you go on holiday to Curaçao, a visit to the capital of the island should not be missed. Willemstad is the largest city in the Lesser Antilles and there is therefore plenty to do. We have already explained all this in our blog “8x the best things to do in Willemstad” . But during such a day in Willemstad, a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner should not be missed. That is why we are going to tell you more about the best restaurants in Willemstad! Scuba Lodge We have already told you a bit

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The best things to do in Willemstad

8x the best things to do in Willemstad   If you are on Curacao, there are of course more than enough things to do. You can enjoy swimming in swimming pools or in the sea. For more relaxation, you can also sunbathe on one of the many beaches on Curacao, such as Grote Knip or you can go snorkeling here at a reef. However, if you want to see a little more, Willemstad is the best place for it. This city has more than enough sights where you can make a pleasant trip with your family. From beautiful buildings or

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Klein Curacao