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The best places for a real snorkeling holiday in Curaçao


White beaches, gently swaying palm trees and a clear blue sea. You can’t help but find yourself on the beautiful island of Curaçao. You can stroll for hours on the beach or enjoy the special atmosphere in the villages and towns. Curaçao is a beautiful island, something that most people know. But did you know how breathtakingly beautiful it looks underwater? Admire beautiful colorful fish or swim with a turtle. It’s all possible on Curaçao! It is not for nothing that it is the favorite place of many people for snorkeling. Do you also want to discover the beautiful underwater world of Curaçao? We take you on a journey of discovery to the most beautiful underwater places of this beautiful tropical island.


Playa Porto Marie

We start our underwater journey in Playa Porto Marie, a true paradise on earth. Before you dive into the water, we recommend that you first enjoy the beautiful pearly white beach and the wonderful holiday vibe that hangs here. As soon as you take one step on the beach of Playa Porto Marie, you seem to step into a postcard. It is so beautiful there. It is also an ideal place to start your snorkelling holiday. Especially if you haven’t snorkeled that often. You don’t have to swim far to spot the first beautiful fish. The clear blue sea water is full of life. You will see the most beautiful and colorful fish all around you. A place to feast your eyes!


Playa Grandic

Have you ever swam with a sea turtle? Then you know what a magical feeling that gives! It seems as if only you two still exist in the beautiful underwater world. You can spot these beautiful sea creatures in Playa Grandi. And we strongly recommend that you visit this place during your snorkelling holiday. The beach itself may not be as beautiful as Playa Porto Marie, but the turtles make up for it. Playa Grandi is a real fishing beach. Local fishermen come ashore here and immediately get to work with their freshly caught catch. Some parts of the fish are not useful to the fishermen and they throw these parts back into the sea. Turtles are grateful for these free meals. And that means you get the chance to spot them in their own underwater world. And that’s the best feeling there is!



Your snorkelling holiday isn’t complete without a visit to the island’s most popular dive spot: Tugboat. More than 30 years ago, a tugboat sank just off the coast. The wreck of this tugboat, or Tugboat, still lies at the bottom of the sea. But this bottom isn’t as deep as you might think. The wreck is only five meters deep, making it the perfect location for a voyage of discovery. The wreck now looks beautiful and is full of marine life. A wonderful place to discover underwater life in a special way. Because it is a popular diving and snorkeling spot, it is always very cozy here. Here you meet people from all over the world and make friends for life. So even if you’re looking for fun, Tugboat is the right place for you.


Klein Curacao

About 13 kilometers from the coast of Curaçao you will find the breathtakingly beautiful, uninhabited island of Klein Curacao. The perfect snorkeling location! We at Klein Curaçao Trips take you to this beautiful island surrounded by coral reefs, beautiful fish and yes: sea turtles! Board our luxury yacht the Serendipity or the Mermaid and sail with us to the island. Or is the most beautiful and largest catamaran on the island, the Black & White, more your style? Whatever you choose, we will bring you comfortably and in style to Klein Curacao where your adventure can begin. You will receive a mask and snorkel from us and we will lead you to the best places to spot tropical fish and magically beautiful turtles. Of course you will have enough time to discover the rest of this beautiful island. For example, visit the gigantic shipwreck on the stand. Or admire the iconic lighthouse, the eye-catcher of the island. Let us take you on a journey to the most beautiful part of Curaçao and enjoy all the beauty that this uninhabited island has to offer. Are you interested in coming with us to the most beautiful snorkeling location in Curaçao? Then contact us quickly!

Klein Curacao