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The Caribbean Islands


The Caribbean Islands consist of the Caribbean Sea, the ocean around the Bahamas and the many islands that lie in this area. The Caribbean has 30 countries and areas that belong to the Caribbean. We go a little deeper into 3 islands, namely the ABC islands of the Caribbean.

The abbreviation ABC-eilanden stands for the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Klein Curacao is the island that belongs to Curacao. These islands are very close to each other. Nevertheless, the islands are very different from each other.



If you want to enjoy the sun and the beach, Aruba is the right place for you. On this island you will find wide snow-white beaches. In addition, there is much to experience on the island of Aruba. The bustling nightlife of Aruba reigns in the capital Oranjestad. The main language on the island is English, partly due to the arrival of many American tourists.



Bonaire is the middle largest island of the ABC islands. On this island you will find almost deserted beaches where you can really relax. It is also not as busy as in Aruba. You should go to Bonaire if you are looking for peace, nature or want to dive. Contrary to Aruba, the official language on Bonaire is Dutch.



Then Curacao. Curacao is the largest of the three islands. On Curacao you will find both tranquility and the lively atmosphere of Aruba. A mix of tranquility, nature and culture. That is what Curacao is known for. For this reason, many people call Curacao the most versatile island of the ABC islands. The capital Willemstad is a good example of this.

So you see again that islands are very close to each other, but can still differ so much. It is quieter on one island than on the other. And even the language of instruction can differ.

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Klein Curacao