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The shipwreck on Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is a small, flat island near Curacao itself. However, the island does have a history of shipwrecks. As a result, there are several shipwrecks on the island that you can visit during a nice walk on the island.


How were the shipwrecks created?

There are quite strong currents around the small island. This can make it very difficult for ships to navigate in the vicinity. There is also a northeasterly wind that ensures that the ships are also pushed closer to the coast of the island. During the time of the West India Company, many ships sailed around here. This was because of the slave trade, but the island has also been used for phosphate extraction. This ensured that there were always many ships nearby and therefore that there were also the ships that could lead to shipwrecks. The northeasterly wind in combination with the strong currents has ensured that several ships have run aground on land. Also, the island itself is very flat, making it more difficult for ships to see in the first place.


Which ships have landed?

Since the discovery of Klein Curacao, several ships have run aground here. The most famous of these is an oil tanker called the Maria Bianca Guidesman. This one was stranded here in the 80’s. This shipwreck can still be seen when you are on Klein Curacao, but it looks a bit different now. The wreck is already very rusted and is becoming less visible. This is of course because natural elements slowly make it disappear, such as wind and sand for example.


Another well-known shipwreck of Klein Curacao is the Magdalena. This is a German freighter that ran aground on the island in 1934. However, the shipwreck can no longer be seen on Klein Curacao. They have been trying for weeks to get the ship loose again. In the end, the rescue services managed to get it out again. They did this by excavating the ship as much as possible. Many men were needed for this and they also used several tugboats, until it was finally successful.


Finally, a ship ran aground quite recently. The French sailing yacht with the name Tchao can still be seen on the island and can therefore be viewed on your next visit to (Klein) Curacao! The boat ran aground on April 1, 2007 and had 4 people on board. Fortunately, these people all arrived on the island unharmed, but the ship could not be saved. Tchao had already taken too much damage. As a result, the shipwreck can still be seen on Klein Curacao. All these shipwrecks are perfect to see during a walk on the island and also for photos it is ideal to take a look here.

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