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Working on Curacao: these are the best jobs!


Curaçao is of course known as a beautiful, sunny and tropical holiday destination. But Curaçao is not just a place to go on holiday, because at the moment more than 6000 Dutch people live there. Living in another country, such as Curaçao, ensures that you always have a holiday feeling, you have nice weather all year round, you get to know new people and step out of your own comfort zone. Everyone would want that! But living in Curaçao also means looking for work, after all you have to be able to finance everything. That is why we are going to tell you everything about working on Curacao in this blog!


Working in Curacao

The biggest factor in Curaçao’s economy is tourism. Most work can therefore be found in tourism. For example, you can work in the hospitality industry at a restaurant, beach club or bar at one of the frequently visited beaches . There are many hotels where there are plenty of opportunities for work. Besides working in the restaurant, as a cook or in cleaning, there is a lot of demand for marketing. There are also other options such as healthcare or education. After all, this is something that will always remain necessary in a society. Since Curaçao has the same education system as the Netherlands, it is easy to get started as a teacher in Curaçao. Applying for a job in Curaçao is slightly different than in the Netherlands. In Curaçao it is a real culture, personal contact is important and the language Papiamentu is almost a must. The jobs are not really there for the taking and the locals will always have priority.

In addition to working, it is also possible to do an internship on Curaçao. There are plenty of internships available for various courses, from marketing to hospitality, law, childcare and finance. There are a number of placement agencies that can help you find a suitable internship. They can also help you with looking for a home, arranging certain matters and social contacts. Internships involve a number of costs, but it is certainly a very nice experience that you will never forget.


The salary on Curaçao

When you start working on Curacao it is useful to know how much you will earn. In addition to paying for all outings, such as on the boat trip to Klein Curaçao , all fasting charges must also be paid. The salary in Curaçao is lower than in the Netherlands. The salary in Curaçao is approximately 70% of the salary you earn in the Netherlands. The minimum wage in Curaçao is about half of the minimum wage in the Netherlands. This is largely because the standard of living in Curaçao is lower and certain things such as rent, road tax or gasoline are a lot cheaper.
As a tourist you can stay on Curaçao for a maximum of 6 months per 12 months. In order to be allowed to work during those 6 months, you must apply for a Declaration of Law.


Where do you find vacancies?

When you are looking for work in Curaçao, vacancies are easy to find online. You can even find vacancies for jobs in Curaçao via Indeed. There are also other websites such as curacao.nu, vacanciescuracao.nl and there are also facebook pages where new vacancies are regularly posted. As mentioned before, great value is attached to personal contact on Curaçao. Do you really want to find a job? First plan a trip to Curaçao to visit a number of companies. It is therefore often the case that you will end up somewhere via via.

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